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As a skin care products manufacturer, we are built to satisfy every client’s specific needs and gain mutual success on a long-term basis.

Company Profile

A Specialized Personal Care Manufacturer

Adbshealth has 7 production bases all over China. We have had our own in-house factory specializing in the production of personal care products since 2010.

Over the years, Adbshealth has been a leader in the private label skincare industry since it first appeared on the market more than a decade ago. To date, we have supported over 3000 entrepreneurs to start their own skincare brands, some of which have become household names and made millions in profits

We partner with more than 60 leading pharmaceutical companies in China, leading the domestic market through our state-of-the-art facilities and a team of more than 800 experts. Over the past 11 years, we have brought more than 1,000 businesses from the ground up, and our ISO certified factory continues to provide one-stop services including market consulting, quick sampling, custom packaging, and more.


Our Factory of Scale

Adbshealth in numbers, a capable manufacturing plant in place.

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Company Value & Insights

The mindset and vison of Adbshealth bared and shared to lead us in the way of goal fulfillment. The goal of being the best self to better serve our clients.

Tested And Reliable Raw Materials

With 7 own raw material production and processing plants, we promise our customers the safe and pleasant use of our skin care products.

Popular Product Efficacy Design

With the continuous research and development of product performance, we strive to give you full access to skin care products that constantly match customer needs.

All-Round Customization Service

From raw materials, efficacy, taste, formulation, kits, logos to packaging, we are dedicated to meeting your specific needs.

Sincere and Efficient Communication

Adbshealth believes that sincere and in-depth communication can reduce a lot of hassle and allow you to solve challenges more efficiently, thereby enhancing your business.

A Committed Team Upholding Our Shared Value

Within Adbshealth, there are dedicated team players who are different from their own personalities, but also inclusive of our common values. Each one of them is carrying forward our shared pursuits and values to create the most suitable skincare products meeting the individual needs of every customer. They are professional and enthusiastic about your service.

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