How Skincare Routine?

How Skincare Routine ?

Good skincare is not enough: in order for your skincare products to be effective, you also need to use them in the right order. Your skincare routine will depend on your skin type, the ingredients and formulation of the products, and the time of day. However, a good rule of thumb is to apply in order of texture from thinnest to thickest, as thinner products will not penetrate thicker ones.

Whatever your skincare routine, one simple trick that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your skincare products is to apply them in the right order. Here are our suggested steps for effective skincare.


Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is the first step in skincare and how well it is done is important! It directly affects the absorption of nutrients in skincare products and the health of the skin. We generally need to cleanse our face once a day in the morning and once a day in the evening. Each time you choose to use a gentle cleansing product as well as warm water to cleanse your face, then use cold water to shrink your pores and tighten your skin. Finally, you can dry your skin with a towel; steps for facial cleansing.

1. Warm water cleansing, the temperature of the water used to wash your face is very important! Many people use cold water to save time; many people think that cold water cleansing is suitable for oily skin to use hot water in order to wash the oil and dirt clean. But this is wrong. The correct use of “lukewarm” water is to cleanse the face. This way the pores are fully opened and the natural moisturizing oils are not lost in vain.

2. Use cleansing products to cleanse your face. It doesn’t matter which type of cleaning product you choose to use. The main thing is to suit your skin type, and the texture is also mild on the good! The product needs to be circled in the palm of your hand before using the bubbles and then circled in the face to remove dirt and dust so that the cleansing effect will be better. And it won’t hurt your skin.

3. Cleanse your face with a massage. The skin should be massaged in a circular motion at the same time as cleansing, which will not only thoroughly remove dirt from the pores but also prevent wrinkles from appearing. The massage is usually around 15 strokes, and the strength of the massage should be moderate.

4. Rinse with water. After cleansing the face needs to be thoroughly cleaned, remove the facial residue of cleansing products, and then gently wipe clean with a towel.

5. Check both sides of the hair bun. Make sure it is cleaned. Many girls often have residue due to their long hair and this, in turn, can lead to acne. So, it is important to cleanse your face and make sure that the cleaning products have been cleaned without residue.

6. Coldwater rinse for the face. Coldwater rinse face is to make the pores tighten, so that can also promote facial blood circulation. The entire facial cleansing work is then considered complete.

Use a toner

Toner is used after using a cleanser, as it works to deep cleanse the skin and effectively deep cleanse the dirt within the skin. Moreover, toner has a hydrating and moisturizing effect, keeping the stratum corneum of our skin moist. Therefore, toner is used before applying a mask after cleansing milk to cleanse the skin again and also to assist us in getting a better absorption of the subsequent mask.


Apply the serum

Morning is the best time to use serums with antioxidants, such as brightening vitamin C serums, as they protect your skin from the free radical damage you will encounter throughout the day. Nighttime is a good time to use a moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin dry at night, especially if you are using some anti-aging treatments that can be irritating to the skin and keep it dry. Serums can also contain exfoliation-related ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or lactic acid. Whatever you are using, remember: water-based serums should be used underneath your moisturizer; oil-based serums should be used after your moisturizer.


Eye Care

It is important to keep your eye care light, choose the right eye care product and then take a rice grain size and massage it around your eyes in a clockwise direction. In addition to this, ensure that you get enough sleep.

The use of this eye cream provides better moisturization of the skin around the eyes. It also has an anti-aging and antioxidant effect. Choose the right eye cream for your age to provide a healthy treatment for your eyes. It is easy to apply the cream by lifting and massaging from the head to the tail of the eye to promote absorption of the product.



The lotion is usually used after the serum and the emulsion is used to lock in the water. Use twice as much as the serum, pour it onto the front of your fingers, and gently rub it over your face to promote absorption.


Face Cream

The cream is used after the lotion and also has the same effect of locking in the nutrients. The cream is an important step for dehydrated girls who need to hydrate their skin. After the above skincare tasks, the cream is used as a final step to retain moisture and nutrients. The cream is used in the last step of skincare because of its thick texture, and it is also used to lock in moisture and nutrients without losing its important role! In summer you can choose a lotion instead of a cream. As both have a water-locking effect, lotions are less burdensome for the skin and do not feel heavy. Depending on your skin type, it is better to choose the right product and the right way to lock in the water. For people with oily skin, the best skincare product for summer is a lotion rather than a cream. But for dry skin, you can choose to use a cream that will not increase the burden on your skin!

After all these skincare actions, there is one more skincare product that we must have, and that is sunscreen. UV rays will not only tan us but also accelerate the aging of our skin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s autumn and winter and UV rays are weak, you don’t need to wear sunscreen. We must wear sunscreen when we go out, otherwise, all the hard work we did before will be in vain.


The importance of effective moisturization

After talking about the complete skincare routine, it is important to mention the importance of effective moisturization in the whole skincare process.

Generally speaking, the skin on your face, ears, neck, and chest is very sensitive to environmental changes and is already the most common area of the body to be affected. These areas of the skin also shed cells more quickly than other parts of the body and therefore need adequate hydration to repair themselves and allow young skin cells to rise to the surface. Therefore, good moisturization can help to reduce skin problems, as well as extreme dryness or oily skin. Both of these problems are damaging to the skin and can lead to common skin problems such as acne.



After understanding the skin type, it is important to choose the right skin care products for the right order of skin care. You can choose targeted individual skin care products for different skin problems, or you can choose skin care set that have targeted solutions for skin problems.

Also, Adbshealth can provide ingredient customization to meet the product philosophy of different brands.

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