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Eye care products are mainly for eye hydration and moisturizing, eye anti-wrinkles, anti-dry lines, eye lifting and firming, puffiness, dark circles and other effects, mainly divided into eye cream, eye gel, eye pads, eye mask and so on.

Featured Eye Care Products

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Anti Aging Eye cream

alleviate black rim of the eye, repair eye muscle, remove eye puffiness and eliminate eye bags, smoothing eye fine lines

Eye Bag Remover Cream

Eye Bag Cream

eliminate fine line, relaxation, edema

Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask

Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask

eliminate wrinkles, moisturizing, smooth fine lines, tighten eye area, brighten eyes

24K Gold Collagen Eye Gel Patch

Gold Under Eye Patches

reducing wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes, moisturizing, brightening

Eye Care Tips

The skin around the eyes is particularly soft and thin, and has many folds, so the moisture around the eyes evaporates faster; at the same time, the skin around the eyes has fewer sweat and sebaceous glands, which makes it especially prone to dryness and dehydration.

Makeup Removal And Cleaning

Because the eye area and the skin around the eye area is quite sensitive and delicate, so makeup removal should be extremely careful, must use eye makeup remover products.

Choose The Right Eye Care Products

Eye cream is nourishing and nutritious, suitable for those with wrinkles under the eyes; eye gel is a plant-based gel-like substance, mild and easy to absorb and non-greasy ingredients, suitable for dark circles, eye bags, etc.. Generally, you should use the serum first, then use the eye cream or eye gel.

Massage & Acupressure

Eye massage can promote blood circulation around the eyes muscle movement, bright eyes, remove fatigue.

Eye Mask Treatment

1-2 times a week to provide special nourishment and relaxation for the eyes, available collagen eye mask treatment, but also homemade eye mask.

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