Skincare Set

Quality Skincare Set Customizable on Demand

Skincare set, with the same core benefits, consist of many different individual products that reduce skin irritations and target skin problems.

The skincare kit contains a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, lotion and face cream.

Featured Rejuvinating Set

Mens Skincare Set

Deep hydration, refreshing oil control, repair and whitening

Turmeric Skincare Set

Turmeric Skincare Set

remove acne, antioxidant; gentle repair and whitening effect; make skin soft, smooth, wrinkle, increase elasticity, prevent aging

Anti Aging Skin Care Set

Anti Aging Skin Care Set

multi-angle lifting contour, firm, light lines and improve elastic, nourish, plump and moisturize

Skin Care Routine Steps

Skin care routines: facial cleanser, skin toner, facial serum, eye cream, lotion, face cream. You can decide whether to apply a face mask according to your skin needs.

rejuvinating set

Facial Cleanser

Start with a facial cleanser to deep cleanse the skin of your face.


Gently pat your face with a toner to hydrate your skin. In addition to toner, you can also use a lotion such as a softener or astringent.

Facial Serum

To use serum before lotion and cream, rub your hands together, pour in the right amount of serum and pat it evenly on your face, and massage gently until your face completely absorbs the serum.


You can use lotion or cream for moisturizing, lotion is more suitable for oily skin, dry skin can use cream after using lotion. Moisturizing can be reduced in summer.

Isolation & Sunscreen

You can use isolation cream with sunscreen effect, or use sunscreen after using isolation cream, pay attention to sunscreen is the last step of skin care.

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