Hair Care

Adbshealth Hair Care Sets Combined and Customized to Brands

Adbshealth’s silicone and fragrance-free, pure shampoo and conditioner can deliver so much shine with so few ingredients, it smoothes out coarse frizz and really lets hair soak up the nutrients.

Beard Oil

Soothe your itch with just a few drops of beard oil each day. The perfect blend of 100% natural argan and jojoba oils strengthens facial hair and helps avoid thin patches.

Tame stubborn facial hair and have a manageable, frizz-free beard that is soft and smooth to the touch.

Hair Oil

The hair oil is mineral oil free, free of artificial colors and vegan. Helps protect hair from breakage and split ends, leaving the scalp feeling moisturized and hair stronger. Increases softness and strength, deep conditioning, smoothes and restores shine to damaged, dry and coarse hair.


Gentle Moisturizing Shampoo is formulated with Vitamin E and Biotin to help soften and revitalize dry hair, leaving it soft and with a professional shine that lasts for days.

Moisturizing shampoos provide optimized hydration for dry hair, targeting dryness and locking in moisture where it’s needed most.

High Performance Over Expectation

Adbshealth is making high-quality, innovative products that enhance the user experience through technological innovation and perfect after-sales service.

Hair Capsules 6

Promotes growth

Promotes hair regeneration, keeps hair healthy, and prevents hair loss.

Repair hair

Provide sufficient nutrition and moisture for hair and repair damaged hair.

Control oil

Long fragrance, oil control, and balance scalp oil secretion Make hair soft and shiny.

Why Adbshealth Is Your Choice

Buy from a direct skin care manufacturer to save time and costs, expand sales and margins.

Competitive Quotes

Adbshealth is your direct access to a skincare products manufacturing factory with all in-house resources to respond to your inquiries quickly with the best prices.

Complete Customization

Equipped with leading skincare craftsmanship and processing technology, any idea from customization to specific branding needs can be realized.

Ensured Quality & Delivery

With each production process strictly conducted and monitored inside our own factory, your skincare quality and lead time will be highly ensured.

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