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As a skincare products manufacturer, Adbshealth caters to custom needs in categories such as facial care, body care, hair care, lip care, eye care, and cosmetics. Within each of these categories, we have specific collections that meet the local needs of our customers’ markets.

Our leading skincare manufacturing processes and technologies give us an outstanding advantage in giving you more choices in product design and performance, while promoting a positive customer response. Contact Adbshealth to send your unique demand.

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Facial Care

Organic ingredients effectively solve various problems of dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin.

Moisturizing: provide deep hydration to the skin as well as various problems such as roughness, dry lines and dullness.

Whitening and brightening and spot removal:Improves dull and gray skin, brightens skin tone and lightens skin spots. 

Anti-wrinkle firming and anti-aging:Tightens and lifts, skin elasticity can be restored.

Body Care

Improves blood circulation to the skin, assisting your cells to rejuvenate and give your skin an energetic glow.

Exfoliates and deeply moisturizes dry skin, replenishing the moisture lost by the skin every day. 

Improves rough skin, clogged pores and blemishes.

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Lip Sheet Mask

Lip Care

Lip Care: Daily use of lip exfoliating scrubs, lip masks, lip balms with sun protection factor and lip glaze products can keep lips hydrated and shiny.

Eye Care

Eye Care: eye creams, eye masks and other eye care can achieve eye hydration and moisturizing, eye anti-wrinkle, remove fine lines, remove dry lines, eye lifting and firming, remove puffiness, remove dark circles and other effects.

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ADBS Hair Oil Capsule

Hair Care

Promote hair regeneration, maintain hair health, prevent hair loss.

Provide sufficient nutrition and moisture to the hair, repair damaged hair. 

Long fragrant, Oil-controlling, balance scalp oil secretion.

Make hair soft and shiny.


Organic and natural ingredients, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and meeting sun protection requirements have always been Adbshealth’s requirements for the production of cosmetic products that protect the skin while glowing it.

Liquid Foundation

What Customizable Details You Can Achieved Here

Adbshealth stands by your side and has your potential needs in mind because we know our products as well as your expectation from materials to packaging.

Bottle Design

Spec ranges from 16lb to 250lb in all custom shapes.

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OEM Logo & Symbol Printing

To enhance your brand and concept even better, Adbshealth offers end-to-end OEM services of logo and branded symbol printing.

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Label Design

Message for your product, efficacy, and best use.

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Specific Branded Packaging

Packaging is the outer wear of one product. Adbshealth is helping lots of clients to fulfill their special needs of custom skincare packing.

How We Fulfill Your Custom Skincare Products Ideas

Leveraging our profound industry knowledge, mature formula development technology, and exquisite manufacturing process, our smooth customized cooperation is thoroughly guaranteed.


Skincare Research & Development

Market trends and needs keep changing through the years. With the pioneer market sense, Adbshealth always keeps pace with the demand development and constantly inputs vitality into our brands. Also guaranteed by our leading expert team in the industry, we are able to introduce 3-6 trendsetting skincare series each year.

With such, we’ve invested competitive resources in the research and development business of custom skincare products to keep you stay ahead of competitors and seize the first trend.

Demand Identification & Design

Adbshealth is going further along the way of custom skincare manufacturing. Besides in-house production, we provide OEM design and customization services to save any potential costs of your business.

Before we start, our experienced skincare managers will have a deep-going communication to analyze and identify your integrated product requirements. After that, a professional proposal of product design suggestions will be provided fast and solid.

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In-House Production & Inspection

Our expertise is available for a wide range of skin care and color cosmetics products, regardless of their density and viscosity. Our filling machines and assembly lines also handle a wide range of formulations: liquids, gels, creams, oils, W/O and O/W emulsions, micronized suspensions.We also conduct rigorous quality checks during each production process to ensure the quality and performance of our products before delivery.

Branding Logo & Package Process

At Adbshealth, here we have bunches of options on logo or brand information’s customization. And we ensured they will be nice-looking and echoing your brand image.

With the branding packaging, we can also direct you to the most effective choices of packing customization, so that you can realize your budget-friendly and brand-enhancing skincare package in one place. Our designer will also help to handle your package artwork.

Responsive & Responsible After Service

In a effective and efficient cooperation, comprehensive aftersales service will never miss out. To address your diversified product challenges, Adbshealth’s dedicated team members are poised to devote their efforts to quickly respond to your inquiries and provide reliable solutions in a timely manner.

No matter your order volume or business size, we take your orders very seriously and will follow up your project from pre-sales communication to aftersales support with the commitment of problems solved in time and in place.

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