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When it comes to caring for the skin, both body butter and body lotion focus on hydrating the skin and protecting it from long-term damage and dryness.

Body butter usually has a thicker texture than body lotion. This quality makes body butter ideal for application on the skin and provides long-lasting moisture. Best body butter, on the other hand, have a higher water content and therefore feel lighter and absorb faster.

Best Body Lotion & Body Butter

Body Butter

Body Butter

osmotic nutrition,moisturizing and brightening,long lasting aroma,soothe skin

Whitening Body Lotion

Whitening Body Lotion

nourish white skin,whitening and brightening,moisturize and even skin tone,improve roughness

Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

Daily Moisturizing Lotion

gentle nourishment,silky and firm,sweet orange fragrance

vitamin c body lotion

Vitamin C Body Lotion


Lotions For Dry Skin

An after-bath skin treatment that leaves the skin soft, fresh and silky, moisturized, fragranced and nourished

body lotion

Deep Hydration

Infused with shea butter lotion, cocoa butter and mango butter, and penetrates deep into the skin. Cocoa butter lotion helps you achieve a healthy look and irresistibly smooth skin.

Long Lasting Hydration

Body butter continues to moisturize for hours, providing moisture and nourishment to dry skin where it’s needed most.

Concentrated Revitalizing Effect

Collagen body lotion’s intense hydration makes it ideal for treating areas prone to dryness.

Superior Skin Care

As body butter absorbs into your skin, it provides long-lasting moisture and helps prevent future dry skin.

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