Stretch Mark Cream

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Pregnancy stretch marks mainly appear on stomach, legs, boobs, hips, and knees.

Stretch marks are mainly due to the hormonal effects of pregnancy and the damage or breakage of elastic and collagen fibers of the skin caused by the expansion of the abdomen, resulting in thinning and thinning of the abdominal skin and the appearance of some pink or purplish wavy patterns. After delivery, it leaves a white or silvery-white shiny scar line pattern.

Featured Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch Mark Cream

reduce and prevent stretch marks and scars

Stretch Mark Oil

Stretch Mark Oil

soften and care for stretch marks and scar

Regenerate Oil

Regenerative Essential Oils

improve appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tones

Stretch Marks Treatment

Weight control and balanced nutrition can reduce the severity of stretch marks, while the application of stretch mark cream or stretch mark oil is also important.

Stretch Mark Cream

Balanced Diet

During pregnancy, you should take a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid foods that are too oily, sweet and salty.

Weight Gain

Weight gain during pregnancy should not exceed 2 kg per month and should be limited to 11 to 14 kg throughout pregnancy.

Using Belly Belts

It can take the burden of gravity on the abdomen and slow down the excessive stretching and pulling of the skin.

Bio Oil For Stretch marks

Contains jojoba oil, shea butter, oat oil, collagen, etc. to improve fiber toughness and elasticity.

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