Face Mask

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The face mask contains moisturizers and softeners that cover the stratum corneum of the skin, closing to provide moisture to the stratum corneum and improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin.
In the process of partially peeling off or washing off type of mask peeling or washing off, it removes dead skin and skin surface dirt from the face and has a certain cleansing effect.

Featured Face Mask

Fruit And Flower Mask

Fruit & Flower Mask

nourish, brighten skin color, hydration moisturizing, improve pigmentation, reduce fine lines

Green Tea Clay Mask

Green Tea Clay Mask

skin repair, acne treatment; refine pores and improve cell function; heal sunburn&anti-aging; moisturizes skin

Pink Clay Mask

Pink Clay Mask

cleanse and detoxify,hydrate and soothe,whiten and brighten

Turmeric Clay Mask

Turmeric Clay Mask

clean,anti-acne,brightening,repair skin

ADBS Green Tea Mask Stick

Green Tea Mask Stick

lock skin moisture,balance water and oil,clean up dirt,reduce old waste cutin,gental repair,reduce roughness

Salicylic Acid Ice Cream Mask

Salicylic Acid Ice Cream Mask

nourishing and moisturizing,deep cleansing and refreshing,remove acne and blackheads

Peel-off Face Mask

Facial masks trap moisture or ingredients in the skin and form a film that helps hydrate, moisturize, dry or exfoliate the skin, depending on the ingredients used and the purpose

peel-off mask


The main ingredient of the gel form is polyvinyl alcohol with some amount of humectant and wetting agent added as plasticizer. There are moisturizing, blackhead function, or contains active ingredients for anti-wrinkle corner of the eye.

Soft Film Powder

mainly powder, usually contains alginate and other polymers, containing calcium or magnesium compounds, which are applied with water to form a homogeneous paste, and then gradually form a film that can be removed.

Hard Film Powder

The main component is gypsum, add water and hydration reaction occurs, heat curing can be completely removed. Sometimes the addition of menthol, peppermint oil, ice chips and other components can eliminate the feeling of heat.

Wipe Off & Wash Off Face Mask

Peel-off or wash-off type face mask peeling or wash-off process removes dead skin and skin surface dirt from the face and has a certain cleansing effect


sometimes called sleep mask, the composition is similar to night cream, but contains a certain amount of polymer film-forming agent, with a certain closure effect.

Mud Mask

contains clay-like powder, such as kaolin, montmorillonite, etc. There are also natural sources of the concept of volcanic mud, salt lake mud, etc. In addition to the role of sealing, cleaning and absorbing excess sebum from the skin, some natural sources of mud also contain a variety of minerals and other active ingredients, with certain skin care benefits.

Patch Type Facial Masks

Patch type face mask includes gel non-woven patch type and impregnated non-woven patch type mask two forms.

Green Tea Clay Mask

Patch Type

containing gel nonwoven patch type is a gel-type preparation applied to a layer of nonwoven, cut into a facial shape, and then sealed inside the package.
Impregnated nonwoven masks are more commonly used and are made by impregnating the nonwoven with a mask solution.


Patch type masks are also available in other material film cloths, such as silk, cotton, bio-fiber, etc. According to the finished product, it can be divided into compressed mask and non-compressed mask.

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