TOP 4 Wholesale Body Scrub Suppliers in Singapore

The demand for safe and healthy body scrubs by wholesalers in the skincare business is relatively high. As a result, the influx of body scrub suppliers in the Singapore market is propagating. Among these suppliers, it can be challenging to find the right one.

However, based on the safety standards set out by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and the testimony of both users and sellers, we have identified the top wholesale body scrub suppliers in Singapore. They have the highest quality products with market success in the Singapore market.

Body Scrub Suppliers in Singapore

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

●    Adbshealth

Adbshealth is a professional private label and contract manufacturer with enough experience and expertise in skincare production. They rule the Singapore market with the delivery of quality wholesale skincare products. Their products have been the first choice for many Singaporeans looking for an exquisite body scrub with relishing exfoliating properties.

For over ten years, Adbshealth has been Singapore’s leading wholesale body scrub supplier, earning customers’ trust. They deliver body scrubs made with natural organic ingredients to brands, wholesalers, and stores in Singapore. The varieties of body scrubs they supply are:

  • Salt Body Scrub
  • Arabica Coffee Scrub
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Turmeric Scrub
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Himalayan Salt scrub

Their widespread products also include personal care products in categories such as:

As their name “Adbshealth” implies, they prioritize consumers’ safety and health when formulating products. All products are certified standard by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adbshealth provides brands and start-ups in the skincare business with custom-made products, many of which have made millions and grown big in the beauty industry. Their excellent services include product formulation, market consulting, quick sampling, and product packaging.

Contact Adbshealth for your wholesale supply of body scrubs and other skincare needs to boost your chances in the skincare market.

●    Amaira Herbals

Amaira Herbals is one of the best cosmetics manufacturing companies in Singapore. They provide a wide range of herbal solutions for all skin care problems. Their wholesale collections of herbal skincare products, including body scrubs varieties, are popular in Singapore. Amaira Herbals’ body scrub demand is high because they produce to suit all skin types. The herbs and other organic ingredients used for formulations are carefully sourced and tested by dermatologists. With their herbal popularity, they have established bases in many countries across the globe within a short period.

As an FDA-registered company, Amaira Herbals provide customization services, from formulation to packaging, practicing hygienic manufacturing, and using modern equipment and machinery to efficiently carry out their formulation process.

They have remarkable wholesale supply chain services, which many wholesalers have testified of timely delivery. Its goal is to become the world’s largest supplier of herbal skincare products.

●    EMZ Dermal Lab

EMZ Dermal Lab is a top trusted skincare supplier in Singapore specializing in the custom formulation of quality cosmetics and personal care products. They supply cost-effective wholesale body scrubs, which relishes the skin’s beauty scrubs to wholesalers, stores, spas, and salons in Singapore. 

Their quality personal care products include serums, cleansers, anti-aging, anti-acne, e.t.c. Each of these products has attained peak success in the Singapore skincare market. They follow Good manufacturing practices and the Singapore HSA standards.

EMZ Dermal Lab is capable of professional OEM and ODM services. They are experts in private labeling; you can develop your private label skincare brand based on your budget. Commitment to customer satisfaction has been the key to its success over the years. They maintain quality relationships with their partners, so many of them have worked with them for a long time.

●    TCT Nutraceuticals

TCT Nutraceuticals is a famous body scrub supplier in Asia; they are renowned for their expertise in manufacturing high-performing body scrubs using a comprehensive approach. Highly trained formulators and expert dermatologists innovate products using responsibly sourced ingredients. They produce body scrubs capable of cleansing the deepest layers of the skin, which are suitable for sensitive and non-sensitive skin.

Another reason for their success is how timely they get the job done; they distribute products through a fast and reliable supply chain. Asides from body scrub delivery, their wholesale supply includes hair care, baby care, and spa products. As they offer OEM and ODM services for private brands, TCT Nutraceuticals helps them grow by providing full support from consultation and research to product formulation and packaging.

Partner with us at Adbshealth

Now that you’ve gone through the list of the top wholesale body scrub suppliers in Singapore, you can see choosing Adbshealth as your ideal body scrub supplier will provide your skincare business with the most benefits. At Adbshealth, we offer you the best custom-made products at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to discuss a highly profitable partnership.


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