TOP 4 Wholesale Body Scrub Suppliers in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) skincare market has seen thousands of body scrubs manufacturers emerge from the beauty industry. Knowing the right supplier to strengthen your market position can be complicated. Many skincare suppliers boast of products that meet consumers’ health and safety requirements. However, in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, and market success, only a few could match the suppliers in this list.

We have curated the top wholesale Body Scrub Suppliers in the UAE with the best products and services to make your skincare business a straightforward journey.

Body Scrub Suppliers in the UAE

●    Adbshealth

Adbshealth is a leading private label and contract manufacturer in the UAE. Initially based in China, they have extended across Asia and Europe. They have become the first choice for wholesalers and retailers for the supply of high-quality personal care products. Adbshealth’s body scrubs, made from natural organic ingredients, exfoliate dead skin cells to give you smooth skin and promote efficient circulation. They have varieties of Body scrubs to suit each skin type and serve specific purposes; they are:

  • Salt Body Scrub
  • Arabica Coffee Scrub
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Turmeric Scrub
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Himalayan Salt scrub

As a top skincare manufacturer, they also supply products in these categories.

  • Hair care
  • Facial care
  • Body care
  • Lip care
  • Eye care
  • Cosmetics

While they are on a mission to serve people better, they are renowned for developing successful products for brands and prioritizing consumers’ health. All Adbshealth products meet global standards and are fully certified by FDA, GMP, CE, and ISO9001.

With a peculiar name in OEM and ODM services,  Adbshealth offers the best manufacturing services, from product design and market research to product testing and packaging. A good quality control team ensures the delivery of quality products at the right time to customers’ satisfaction. Contact Adbshealth for more insights on cost-effective wholesale supply to expand your sales and promote your business.

●    Universal Beauty

Universal Beauty is top Personal care and Cosmetic manufacturer in the UAE with significant experience in producing top-notch products that have taken the UAE skincare market by storm. They take pride in creating safe and sustainable skincare products with carefully selected ingredients to meet the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) standards.

A supply of Body Scrubs by Universal Beauty is what start-up spas, salons, pharmacies, and stores need to step up in the skincare market. They supply a wide range of wholesale and retail skincare products with incredible customer service.

Universal Beauty’s expert team of formulators uses guaranteed product formulas to help you create your skincare brand with fantastic design and packaging. They waste no time in the design and development process to ensure rapid delivery of products across the UAE. Its mission is to create a perfect affordable solution for every skin challenge and expand globally.

●    AFS Elegant

AFS Elegant is a brand of Epoch Aerosols Industries LLC, a renowned product manufacturing company in the UAE. They have over 50 years of experience in skincare production and contract manufacturing of body scrubs, aerosols, cosmetics, and prints. Their products have earned them a good name in over 50 countries where they manufacture and distribute the finest products.

They are one of the biggest wholesale body scrub suppliers in the UAE, with an effective distribution channel, incredible customer services, and work ethical compliance. AFS Elegant produces a variety of body scrubs for personal care, each containing a scenting fruit flavor.

Aside from body scrubs, they also supply moisturizing creams, lotion, and vitamin nourishing oils for baby care. They offer quality private label services for upcoming skincare brands and expert contract manufacturing at an affordable price.

All ingredients used for product formulation are sourced carefully from natural resources, passing through rigorous research and testing before use. As a Global skincare manufacturer, they are certified with ISO and GMP standards.

●    Florence cosmetics

Florence cosmetics is a noteworthy cosmetic manufacturing company with the right skincare edge to dominate the UAE market. They have established a massive beauty industry in skincare, hair care, hygiene, and toiletries production. Florence cosmetics sells its products under the brand name “Reborn beauty” while they also develop products at a cost-effective price for new and established brands.

They produce body scrubs that draw out impurities and suit all skin types. Innovation of skin care products in many categories is a process made easy by Florence Cosmetics. All products are manufactured under Good manufacturing practices and are prevalent in the UAE market.

Their affordable private label services support customers from product research to packaging and graphic design. Florence cosmetics wholesale distribution chain is swift and reliable. They have a good relationship with customers, making them a leading cosmetic manufacturer in the UAE within a short period of their establishment. 

Shop Body Scrubs with us at Adbshealth

Adbshealth is the go-to wholesale Body Scrub supplier among the top suppliers in this list; they satisfy many customers’ demands at a cost-effective price. Do you want to bring your skincare ideas to life and promote your skincare business? Get in touch with us today to forge an effective partnership that will make you a formidable figure in the skincare business.




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